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Culture Sponsor – X-Chequer Fund Management – Branches out to our economics department

Co-owner of X-Chequer Fund Management, Werner Prinsloo, addressed Paul Roos Economics learners who are participating in the 2023 JSE Youth Challenge and their parents on Wednesday, 1 March 2023. He will be working with our JSE Challenge teams throughout the year, guiding them on their investment journey. Mr. Prinsloo spoke about why he finds the stock market a fascinating and incredible platform: its timelessness, its capacity to create enormous amounts of wealth, the fact that it involves most people at some stage of their life, and is available to anyone interested in growing their wealth. X-Chequer Fund Management is not only involved with learners with an interest in the stock market; as the new main culture sponsor X-Chequer Fund Management will be partnering with PRG’s music and theatre departments.

The first educational session for the JSE Youth Challenge in conjunction with X-Chequer Fund Management took place in the Media Centre on Wednesday, 8 March. Werner Prinsloo (co-owner of X-Chequer Fund Management) covered a number of technical analysis methods to evaluate specific equities. The learners are excited about the opportunity to receive practical investment exposure throughout the 6-month competition period which commences on 15 March 2023. Ready, set, go! Happy investing!  Thank you to Mr. Luan van der Vyver for orchestrating these sessions.