Koop Jou Kiekie / Buy Your Photo

Koop Jou Kiekie / Buy Your Photo

Dear Friends

The Eagle has landed – or something to that effect. I’m writing this in Ingels, because most of the Afrikaanses understand the lingo, and I do not wish to do this twice.

I have now bought a licence for the website SMUGMUG, which will set me free from all the mind-bending admin of the past few years. I do not have the necessary administrative capacity to keep everyone happy and this is an excellent solution. All visitors are now able to download a digital copy (without the word “proof”). In all instances it will be the original photograph with sizes varying between 2.5Mpx and 8Mpx, depending on the amount of cropping involved. The only change that initially may be a little strange is the fact that the pics are priced in American dollars. (No Rand, the other alternatives are British pounds, Indian rupees, chickens or pumpkins.)

This is how it works:

You go in your browser to: nicdejager.smugmug.com

You should now be welcomed by a splash screen that has all the various “galleries” – collections of photographs that were either shot on the same day, or has a common theme.

If you click on one of the galleries, you will be met with all the pics available in that particular gallery. On every photograph there should be a small icon at bottom right – looking like a fat arrow falling into an old style pram. However, it is not a pram, but a shopping basket. If you click on that, you will be asked if you would like to buy this little piece of artwork (?!). The prices are all the same – at the moment $2.75 per pic, which, the current rate of exchange is about R2 700.00. (Grappie, it is about R39, which is cheaper than before). If you download only one photograph, the system sometimes adds half a dollar for some arcane reason. (apparently if the order is less than $10 and it contains at least 1 download, the $0.5 gets added). If you buy more than one pic and the amount is not less than $10, this falls away (You will only pay one half dollar extra per order.)

If you would like to go to other “galleries”, please note that there is a very small white icon that resembles the Japie Krige hall at top left of the main photograph. Click on that, and all the other galleries will appear, as if by magic, nè.

This is a trial run. Comments would be wonderful. Anything that bothers, please let me know. Nasty remarks will be ignored (were I in parliament, I would have added “with the contempt it deserves”), and messages with heaps of praise will be exhibited behind my bathroom door.

Remember the URL: nicdejager.smugmug.com

Nic de Jager
083 225 7655
(Local Bergie who receives visitors only on Saturdays between 16:00 and 18:00 under the Primabrug.)