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Masithethe! IsiXhosa Oratory Teachers conference

Huge gratitude to the dedicated teachers who participated in the Masithethe! IsiXhosa Oratory Teachers conference: Ms R. Geustyn (Bloemhof Girls’ High), Ms Y. Edries (ENS), Mr A. Maphaka (Curro Century City), Ms K. Mangxa (Apex Stellenbosch), Ms N. Godongwana (Apex Stellenbosch), Ms C. Canaris (Paul Roos Gimnasium), Mr R. Sethathi (Apex High), and Md M. Manjiya-Mboma (Springfield Convent).

Discussions covered rubrics, rules, and logistics for the main event on August 24th, with a new Trainer and Judges guide forthcoming.

Student entries are now open for those eager to showcase their oratory skills. Stay tuned for updates on this year’s electrifying showcase of oratory excellence!