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Mountain biking rider comes top 0/16 XCO rider in South Africa

Henning Venter, grade 10 learner of PRG, won the SA XCO championships held at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch. Henning competed on a very challenging track against a field packed with talented riders.

Henning Venter is part of the Paul Roos Gymnasium first team, currently the top boys’ mountain biking team in the country after winning the 2019 Spur MTB League Inter-schools final in Brits, Gauteng.

“As a Paul Roos Old Boy I am inspired by the dedication and talent the Paul Roos Mountain Biking team has displayed over the past few years. Hamilton’s Painting is proud to be associated as sponsor to help secure the best training for the school’s cyclists.” Spencer Cowley, Old Boy 1989.