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Paul Roos Gymnasium welcomes FNB to our cultural sponsor programme

PRG prides itself in its impressive and diverse cultural programme. The arts play an imperative role in society. Therefore, PRG places immense value in the cultivating and instilling of a love and understanding of the arts in our boys. Sponsors enable Paul Roos to create opportunities for those who show promise and interest in developing and showcasing their skills in music, theatre and film.

Since the start of 2023, X-Chequer Fund Management has been our main culture sponsor and Atterbury Properties a supporting sponsor. In June 2023, we welcome FNB to the cultural sponsor programme.

Please see their sponsor statement below: 

FNB is proud to be sponsoring the Paul Roos Gymnasium 1 (one) year cultural event Programme as of June 2023. Investing in education and sports are the pillars of building better communities, as FNB, we believe we have an important role to enable progress and participate in a better nation building through education and sports. FNB is committed to bringing positive social change through partnering with communities and institutions to better our communities and contribute to a conducive environment for children which will result in a positive social change. As FNB, we take education and sports at the highest level, as may be seen with some of the sponsorship initiatives that we participate in such as the FNB Classic Clashes, FNB Varsity Cup and Springbok.

We believe participating in PRG’s cultural sponsor programme will help strengthen our relationship with Paul Roos Gymnasium and affirm our commitment to providing support to what will bring positive social change in our communities.

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