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Paul Roos salueer ‘n legende

HENNIE MARAIS (1944–2022)

Hennie Marais passed away on Friday, 24 June 2022. He was the father of two old boys, Marc (1988), who passed away in 2021, and Martin (1991). In his retirement, he took up a teaching post at PRG.

Martin writes: “My dad was personnel manager of the Cullinan Mine until 1977, when he moved to the Cape, to SOMCHEM in Somerset West. He was the personnel manager there, too.

“He took up weightlifting with my brother Marc and me, who, while we were at PRG, got Springbok colours for the sport.

“When he took early retirement, he decided to return to what he had done at the start of his career: teach – at none other than PRG.

“He taught Afrikaans and history.

“He was well respected and admired by all. He eventually became sick and had to leave. He taught many learners, many of whom became national sportsmen.

“He was not a PRG student himself, but his sons and grandsons were, and he immersed himself in the traditions of PRG. While at PRG, he taught three of his grandsons, Gareth and Michael Coetzee and Justin Serfontein.

“We are very proud of him. He is now gone, but he will never be forgotten. We love him for his dedication to and the contribution he made while at PRG.”

He is mourned by his wife Amy, his daughters Marcelle Coetzee and Marion Serfontein, his son Martin, his sons-in-law, Charl Coetzee and Roberto Serfontein, and and nine grandchildren – as well as by the entire Paul Roos community.

On the picture, Hennie appears with his wife Amy and grandson Michael Coetzee.