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PRG brings extra flair to Garden Town 2022


The month of October is known as one of the most beautiful months in Stellenbosch. Flowers are in bloom, the air is crisp, the weather is fine and everyone is enthusiastic about the prospect of a bright and sunny summer and Festive Season. It is also the month in which Visit Stellenbosch hosts Garden Town – a celebration of some of the town’s and surrounding communities’ most beautiful public and private gardens. A true feast for the senses. Paul Roos Gymnasium decided to join the festivities by contributing its own special programme towards this annual event. Paul Roos Gymnasium and its learners are proud members of the Stellenbosch community, feel a sense of responsibility towards it and is therefore excited to open its gates to all residents and visitors who want to experience the magic of Stellenbosch during the month of October.

PRG kondig met trots die AFGRI Stellenbosch Lentefees aan.

Met dié fees nooi Paul Roos Gimnasium die Stellenbosch gemeenskap om op 22 Oktober ’n unieke inkopie-ervaring te kom beleef.  Paul Roos nooi dié met ’n waardering vir die beste in die kulinêre, wyn en ‘craft’-sektore; asook diegene met ’n waardering vir dekoratiewe kuns, meubels én ander stylvolle huis- en tuinbenodighede om ’n dag van inkopies by die Markӧtter Sportkompleks te kom geniet.

Visitors can also look forward to relaxing moments whilst enjoying top-class wines from the Paul Roos Wine Emporium, food prepared by local restaurateurs, deli owners and popular-by-demand food truck chefs. Our wines are produced by winemakers from within the Paul Roos community (old boys and parents alike). Patrons can look forward to delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic food-and-drink pairings at one of our four allocated chill zones on the day.

PRG is net so opgewonde oor sy aksiebelaaide vermaaklikheidsprogram vir die jongspan. Die C2M Kiddies Garden (vir kinders onder die ouderdom van 12) spog met ’n wye verskeidenheid van aktiwiteite, konserte, demonstrasies, ’n boekhoek en kindervriendelike stalletjies met alles wat lekker is vir die jongspan.

Besides the AFGRI Stellenbosch Spring Fair, Paul Roos is working closely with IS Art Gallery and the Rupert Museum in presenting visitors to Garden Town with the ABSA-PRG Art Garden and Coffee Shop. The works of local sculptors, installation and land artists will be exhibited in this carefully curated space, at the Markötter Sports Complex. A limited amount of tickets will be sold to the public for the unveiling of the ABSA-PRG Art Garden which will take place on Friday, 21 October. Patrons at the AFRGI Stellenbosch Spring Fair will enjoy exclusive access to the ABSA-PRG Art Garden on Saturday, 22 October ’22. The exhibition and coffee shop will be open to the public, free of charge as of Sunday, 23 October ’22 until Sunday 30 October ’22 (for the duration of Garden Town).

In aanvulling tot die bogenoemde, bied PRG spesiale geleenthede, werkswinkels en praatjies op Vrydag, 21 Oktober en Saterdag, 29 Oktober aan. Hoofborg AFGRI bied twee spesiale geleenthede op 28 en 29 Oktober aan, waarvan een op tee se gebruike en gesondheidseienskappe fokus en die ander op volhoubare boerdery, die jeug en hul rol in die toekoms van landbou.

 Supporting sponsor C2M Chartered Accountants will be co-hosting:

  •  A High Tea with Dr Darren Green: The Green light to multi-dimensional wellness.

  • The Art of Bonsai: A demonstration by Boland Bonsai Kai, sales and a lucky draw by Bonsai Tree.

  • Pilgrimage, Nature and Mental Health: an evening with travellers and writers Erns Gründling and Lindie Stander.

  • Fermenting with Kombukarious Kombucha: Making kimchi (including a gin and kombucha tasting by Muti Gin)

  • Eco-printing: The fascinating practice of eco-printing, from start to finish, designing & producing your own cotton scarf with Natasha Minyon Sale.

All proceeds will go towards the “Sponsor-a-Paul-Rooser” fund – aimed at providing learners from families who are experiencing financial difficulties with access to a top-quality educational and life-preparing experience.

 All tickets go live via Quicket on 22 September ’22. Alle kaartjies sal vanaf 22 September op Quicket beskikbaar wees.

Vendors, local deli owners, restauranteurs, and/or local business owners interested in participating in this fair, can contact Luna Paige at