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PRG choir performs Nkosi Sikilel ‘iAfrika in sign language

PRG choir performs Nkosi Sikilel ‘iAfrika in sign language

During Lockdown in May 2020, Paul Roos Gymnasium’s Department of Music came up with a unique and refreshing idea. Mr. Cezarre Strydom (subject head) was inspired by passionate, colorful interpreter during one of pres. Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches. Mr. Strydom, in collaboration with Mr Stephan Bezuidenhout, took the beautiful melody of the South African national anthem arranged, recorded as piano accompaniment and sent it to the individual choir members. Each of the choir members were required to learn sign language through SLED (Sign Language Education and Development) and film themselves “singing” the national anthem in Sign Language. A compilation of the videos was made and shared on Social Media as a message of hope.

The message of the video is one of hope and togetherness:

“We celebrate unity through diversity.

We come together while staying apart.

We raise our voices though we remain silent.

For you, South Africa”.

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