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PRG-Konnekt takes hands with Investec in 2023

Paul Roos Gymnasium co-presented its first PRG-Konnekt Breakfast with Investec. Approximately sixty businesspeople in the Paul Roos and wider communities were invited to attend this networking event. Investec’s Elizabeth Fick was the guest speaker and spoke on the topic of ‘International planning for families and their assets’.

The new partnership relationship between Paul Roos Gymnasium’s outreach initiative, Societas, and Investec was announced. Information was also shared on new upcoming Societas projects which will be in partnership with The Health Promoters in Kayamandi.

Paul Roos Gymnasium looks forward to its second PRG-Konnekt function which will be co-hosted with Investec.







Paul Roos Gymnasium and Aramex Stellenbosch presented the first PRG-Konnekt event at the Markötter Sports Complex this morning. The aim of this event was to thank official partners of Paul Roos Gymnasium for investing in the school and its learners. Nils Flaatten (Chair of the Old Boys’ Union) delivered an inspiring speech on networking and the subsequent building of bridges and ladders for and between all within the Paul Roos community. We look forward to seeing our community grow. #prgkonnekt #networking #aramex