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PRG – Matriekafskeid Gr11 inligtingsaand

PRG – Matriekafskeid Gr11 inligtingsaand

Alle Gr 11 ouers van 2019

Our turn to arrange the PRG Matric Dance finally arrived! Exiting times lay ahead and I am sure that we will be able to arrange an amazing dance for the PRG Class of 2019 which will be held on Thursday, 19 September 2019!
We will need the support, talent and enthusiasm of each and every Gr 11 parent!

Ons bedank julle by voorbaat vir julle bereidwilligheid om betrokke te wees met hierdie projek!!
Almal is welkom – of jy nou ‘n spesifieke talent het of nie, die leiding wil neem vir ‘n item of net in die agtergrond wil help.

Hiermee word u as 2019 Gr 11 ouer uitgenooi na die eerste vergadering van die PRG Matriek Dans 2019

When: Monday, 18 February 2019 @ 18:30
Where: Markötter Long Room
RSVP: @ 14 February 2019
ONLY if you want to present a theme (see details below)


18h30 Mnr van Staden – Verwelkoming en Inleiding
18h40 Nelmarie Fourie – Bespreking van algemene reëlings en samestellings en verantwoordelikehede van die verskillende komitees
19h00 Annelie Blomerus – Koördineer indeling van komitees en verkiesing van Hoofde (Portfolios 5 – 10)
19h20 Tema: Aanbiedings (5 min) en stemming [Theme: Presentation (5 min) and voting] – sien inligting hieronder / see info below

We invite all parents with ideas for themes to bring a 5 minute presentation of your idea, that illustrates the concept and detail of your idea, to the meeting. Please collaborate with other parents or form a team, to help with the presentation, if necessary. We want to make an informed decision as soon as possible. The presentation can consists of an electronic Power Point presentation and / or detailed description, pictures, examples of visuals / props etc. The person / team that do the presentation must be prepared and willing to lead the decor portfolio or play an active role in the decor portfolio, should your theme be chosen. Please see information below regarding the theme and previous themes. Please contact me ( directly on or before Thursday, 14 February 2019 if you (your team) wants to make a presentation.

General information regarding the different portfolio’s and previous themes.

Portfolio, Role and Responsibilities:
1. Head of PTA: Annelie Blomerus (
2. Matric Dance co-ordinator: Nelmarie Fourie (
3. School Representatives: Stefan Kruger (Learners) and Hélene van Wyk (Décor, food and clean-up)
4. Finance: Anita Stemmet
5. Decor & Entertainment
6. Marketing
7. Music & Lighting
8. Catering
9. Clean-Up
10. Logistics & Security

• Matric dance is for the BOYS, not the parents or spectators – we CAN do this!
• Portfolio Heads arrange and chair their sub-committee meetings;
• Team members attend all meetings or send a replacement;
• All final decisions and communication to be documented;
• Head of PTA (Annelie) to ensure minutes are taken and sent out to all Portfolio Heads;
• All quotations to be submitted to Head of PTA (Annelie) & Matric dance co-ordinator (Nelmarie)
• We must get THREE quotations for all services / products we use / buy;
• Copies of all quotations and invoices to be kept on file;
• All correspondence to parents to be past by Head of PTA (Annelie) & Matric dance co-ordinator (Nelmarie);
• All correspondence with PRG Staff to be passed by Head of PTA (Annelie) & Matric dance co-ordinator (Nelmarie);
• We need to stay within the budget received from the school;
• Fundraising not allowed and we may not ask for donations;
• All donations / gifts received in any way to be passed by Head of PTA (Annelie) & Matric dance co-ordinator (Nelmarie);
• Music / lighting and photographer of previous years already booked – we know they work.

Tema / Theme:
• Gepas wees vir seunskool / Suitable for boys’ school
• Vandag relevant / Relevant today
• Duidelike konsep wat uitvoerbaar is / Clear concept that is feasible

Vorige Temas / Previous theme:
• 2018 – The Greatest Show
• 2017 – 0017 (Bond)
• 2016 – Steam Punk
• 2015 – Kaleidoskoop
• 2014 – Man Cave
• 2013 – A Knight to remember
• 2012 – Timeless/Traditional Italian
• 2011 – Morocco
• 2010 – Old English Mansion
• 2009 – Four elements (Water/Earth/Air/Fire)
• 2008 – Antieke Rome