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PRG Societas tree-planting initiative

PRG Societas took part in the Stellenbosch Trail Fund/Wildlands tree-planting initiative this year and sponsored five endemic trees using the proceeds raised by the PRG Societas raffle held in partnership with SAN Parks Honorary Rangers’ Boland Region earlier this year. This raffle was one of the key projects for PRG Societas this year as over R88 000 rand was raised for these two organisations. Since the conservation of the Eerste River has a special place in Paul Roosers’ hearts, it was decided that PRG Societas’ share would be allocated to the sponsoring of these trees.

Societas was joined by members of the Representative Council of Learners to commemorate this special event. Each of these trees will feature a commemorative plaques that will include a short inscription that holds special significance to Paul Roos Gymnasium’s history and values. Each inscription was chosen with the aim to provide hope and encouragement to those in our community who may read it. The quote “Let your stumbling blocks be your stepping stones” from former rector, Paul Roos, was included as it has become particularly significant to us over the last few months. Here we are reminded that in trying times such as these, we can overcome our hardships.

This project was made possible by the commitment and support of the Paul Roos community, and for this PRG Societas is truly grateful.