VS Gaming High School eSport: both seasoned contenders and rising stars makes top 16

Today sets the stage for an electrifying showdown as the world’s top 16 best Rocket League teams gear up to battle for supremacy. Meanwhile, on the local front, the High School eSport league enters its top 16 playoff phase, featuring a rising force in the local High School eSport scene.

The Rocket League World Championship 2023 has kicked off with a bang, attracting elite teams from every corner of the globe to compete for the highly coveted title of Rocket League World Champions. Boasting a remarkable $6 million prize pool spread across three splits and seven regions, the competition promises to deliver a spectacle of skill and determination like never before.

The stage was set last weekend during the Rocket League Championship Series 2022-23 wildcards, which served as a thrilling prelude to the main event. Among the standout performers were Limitless and Valiant, the formidable representatives from the Sub-Sahara African (SSA) region. As the excitement from the Rocket League Championship Series 2022-23 wildcard settles, all local eyes now turn to the climactic finale of the VS Gaming High School eSport League. Emerging from an initial pool of over 70 teams that embarked on their journey back in March, only the top 16 contenders remain, each driven by the hunger for eSports supremacy.

These top-tier schools present a captivating blend of seasoned veterans and promising up-and-comers, including:

  • Paul Roos Gymnasium (2022 winners, 2021 runners-up)
  • Grantleigh High School (2022 runner-up)
  • Curro Hazeldean High School (2022 3rd place, 2021 winners)
  • Grey College (2022 4th place)
  • Hoërskool Zwartkop with two teams this year (2022 quarter-finalists, 2021 4th place)
  • Thomas More College (2022 quarter-finalists)
  • Point High School (2022 top 16, 2021 Top 16)
  • Westville Boys High School (2022 top 16, 2021 Top 16)
  • Hudson Park High School (2022 top 16)
  • Hoërskool Oos-Moot (2022 top 16)
  • Grey High School (2022 top 16)
  • Edgemead High School (2021 top 16)
  • Curro Durbanville High School
  • Voortrekker High School
  • Glenwood High School

The South African eSports community eagerly anticipates a mesmerising display of talent and skill as the Rocket League World Championship and the VS Gaming High School eSport League approach their thrilling conclusions. Enthusiasts keenly observe the emergence of potential rising stars in the dynamic and ever-growing realm of competitive school eSports. The crowning of the 2023 champions is set to take place in September at Comic Con Africa Johannesburg, adding an extra layer of anticipation to an already captivating journey.

The excitement in both the global and local eSports communities is palpable as these elite teams and talented young players showcase their skills and determination to claim victory and etch their names in gaming history. Let the clash of talents begin!