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Z-dag 2021

Z-dag 2021

We are grateful that we are able to host an almost normal Z-day this year.

Dit gaan Vrydag reën – bring asb. ’n sambreel saam!

Because of the weather we will not be able to host the tea on the Oval for everyone at the same time.  In order to facilitate this, we are moving groups at a time to the Japie Krige to enjoy refreshments. We ask that you move back to the Centre once you have helped yourself to some refreshments in order to make space for more people.  There will be empty tables for cups and plates at the Centre.

Ons nooi graag die ouers wat die prysuitdeling gaan bywoon en dan gaan agterbly om die kerkdiens in die Sentrum te kyk, om tee in Roosinbosch te geniet na afloop van die prysuitdeling.

Die ouers en matrieks wat die kerkdiens gaan bywoon moet asb. so spoedig as moontlik na die kerk beweeg na die prysuitdeling.

Just a reminder that only one parent per matric learner may attend the church service at Moederkerk.

We would like to invite the other parent to join us in the PRG Centre at 9:30 for 9:45 where we will stream the service.

Ons nooi graag die ouers wat die diens in die Sentrum gaan kyk uit om na afloop van die diens verversings in die Japie Krige te geniet terwyl die Matrieks en ander ouers terugbeweeg van die kerk af.

The space in the Japie Krige is limited, so we ask that you help yourself to some refreshments and then make your way back to the Centre in order to make space for the Matrics and other parents joining from church.