Societas Fondsinsameling / Fundraisers

Our Paul Roos Gimnasium Societas fundraising initiatives are an integral part of our commitment to making a positive impact on the community around us.

Gedurende 2024 wil Societas die volgende projekte en fondsinsamelings aanpak:

Term 1
22 Jan – 2 Feb Societas PRG Charity Drive
11 –  15 Mar Societas PRG tops & Tags Drive
Term 2
15 – 20 April Societas PRG Pet blanket Drive
27 – 31 May Societas PRG Boots for Life  Drive
Term 3
9 – 18 July Societas PRG Pet food Drive
Madiba Day 18 July Animal Welfare Outreach
26 Aug – 2 Sept Societas PRG Boots for Life Drive
2 Sept Societas Arbor day
9 Sept Societas Christmas Shoebox Drive starts
Term 4
14 Oct Societas PRG Christmas Shoebox Drive Ends
28 Oct – 1 Nov Societas PRG Stationary Drive

All of our fundraising initiatives are also posted on the Paul Roos Gimnasium year planner.  If you have any ideas or suggestions please send a mail to: