Paul Roos: Stigting / Foundation

Paul Roos: Stigting / Foundation

Paul Roos Gymnasium is named after the late Paul Roos, captain of the Springbok rugby team to the British Isles on its first overseas tour in 1906 and who was headmaster of the school from 1910 to 1930.

To fulfil a promise to Mr Nelson Mandela and with the blessing of SA rugby, the school is pioneering a development programme for talented rugby players from previously disadvantaged communities by enrolling them in PRG for their high school careers ­ giving them the opportunity to develop their academic and sports potential to the full. Currently we support 36 black boys between the ages of 14 and 17.

PRG is one of the most respected rugby schools in South Africa, having produced 49 Springboks –  ­ more than any other school in the country. To honour its promise to Mr Mandela, we have become involved in the transformation process in SA rugby that is so badly needed in our country. Our aim is to provide society with well educated, well mannered, dedicated and well trained sportsmen.

For more information on this very special project you can e-mail Mr Frans van Niekerk| or call him at 082 825 2472 .

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