Fietsry / Cycling


*Please note: Any other cycling discipline (i.e. road cycling, downhill, track cycling, endurance) will be classified as a non-school sport.

75 % of school league races must be attended to be considered for a colour award.

Half Colours

  • Winner of a provincial XCO Championship or series (under 16 and under 18).
  • Winner of a provincial Marathon Championship).
  • Top 3 in the Spur provincial league (under 16 and under 18).

Full Colours

  • Top 3 at the national XCO Championship(under18).
  • Top 3 at the national Marathon Championship (under18).
  • Top 3 at the finals of the National Spur Championship(under 18).

Honorary Colours

  • Overall winner at the SA Cup Series, XCO or Marathon Championship Series(under 18).
  • Obtain SA colours (under 18).
  • SA qualifying attendance at the UCI International Competition Series.