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eSport Junior academy venture into the competitive eSports arena

The eSport junior academy at Paul Roos Gymnasium recently participated in an exhilarating Minecraft education Capture the Flag friendly match against Curro Waterfall Primary from Midrand. This event marked a significant milestone for many of our academy players, as it was their first venture into the competitive eSports arena.

The excitement doesn’t end there – this Saturday, our talented players are set to immerse themselves in their inaugural LAN environment. They are eager to showcase the skills they’ve honed throughout this term. The upcoming challenge involves not only facing off against each other but also competing against the formidable Curro Brackenfell Primary.

We take immense pride in the growth and achievements of our eSport junior academy during this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more information on the second-term academy, which will be announced soon across all Paul Roos social media accounts. The future looks bright for our dedicated players!