Paul Roos eSport players palming in great wins in the chase for the Fortnite Title

The PRG teams have had some great success in the newly added Fortnite title in the ASL League (African Cyber Gaming Schools League).

The PRG teams won three out of the four Victory Royals (last team to survive). Paul Roos boasts with nine eSport teams and are competing in a league which has just over 50 participating teams. With the above-mentioned scores in mind, the PRG Fortnite B-team is in a very good position to win the league. The B-team consists of Martin Odendaal, Zac Poley and John Jansen. PRG’s eSport team is warming up to participate and defend their winning title at the upcoming Comic Con Cape Town in April. They walked away as victors after competing at Comic Con Africa (2022) in Johannesburg.