Paul Roos Gymnasium Dominates the ACER Nitro African Cyber Gaming Schools League

Paul Roos Gymnasium has once again emerged as a powerhouse in the world of eSport, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination in the fiercely competitive ACER Nitro African Cyber Gaming Schools League (ASL). As the eSport scene continues to evolve, Paul Roos Gymnasium’s teams have consistently demonstrated their prowess and sportsmanship in various games throughout Term 2.

Fortnite Term 2 ASL: A Grueling Battle

Fortnite, a game that’s been growing exponentially in popularity, has brought with it tougher competition. In Term 2, our A team navigated their way to the final week, engaging in an intense battle that lasted until the very last game. Despite their formidable efforts, Paul Roos Gymnasium secured a commendable 4th place, relinquishing their hold on the 3rd place they had successfully defended in the previous split.

The final showdown stretched all the way to round 3, where we managed to edge out Jeppe High School for Boys, retaining the title from the previous split. The A team has indisputably proven themselves as a dominant force, leaving their mark on every competition they’ve entered this year.

Fortnite Term 2 ASL:

1st – Hoërskool Oos-Moot
2nd – Rondebosch Boys’ High School
3rd – Thomas More College
4th – Paul Roos Gymnasium

League of Legends Term 2 ASL: Consistency and Excellence

In League of Legends, Paul Roos Gymnasium once again clinched victory, reaffirming their position as the team to beat. With unwavering consistency and a display of sheer excellence, they secured the top spot in Term 2, with Jeppe High School for Boys closely behind.

League of Legends Term 2 ASL:

1st – Paul Roos Gymnasium
2nd – Jeppe High School for Boys
3rd – Hudson Park
4th – Grey High School

Valorant Term 2 ASL: A Rising Star

The South African eSports scene received a significant boost as servers came closer to home. In Valorant, our team delivered a stellar performance, achieving an impressive 2nd place finish. This accomplishment is a testament to their dedication and hard work, as well as the promising future of the Valorant scene.

Valorant Term 2 ASL:

1st – Thomas More College
2nd – Paul Roos Gymnasium
3rd – Grey High School
4th – Hoërskool Zwartkop

Rocket League Term 2 ASL: Defending the Title

Paul Roos Gymnasium’s Rocket League team continued their impressive run, successfully defending their title in Term 2. Their consistency and skill have solidified their reputation as one of the top teams in the ASL.

Rocket League Term 2 ASL:

1st – Paul Roos Gymnasium
2nd – Hoërskool Zwartkop
3rd – Jeppe High School for Boys
4th – Edgemead High School

Congratulations to all the participating schools and teams for their remarkable achievements in the ASL. The dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship displayed by these young eSport enthusiasts are truly commendable. For those eager to witness the thrilling games, you can catch the VODs on the African eSport Twitch Channel.

As we move forward, Paul Roos Gymnasium remains committed to nurturing and showcasing the talents of our eSport teams. Keep up the outstanding work, and here’s to more victories and exciting competitions in the future!