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2024 PRG eSport News: New Sponsors, Parent Information Evening & a Junior Academy

Paul Roos Gymnasium eSports Teams Up with PC Builder!

Get ready for an alliance as Paul Roos Gymnasium eSport and PC Builder join forces in an exhilarating partnership! This collaboration brings together two entities driven by a shared passion for excellence in gaming and cutting-edge technological innovation.

About PC Builder:





Prepare to be impressed by PC Builder, a trailblazer in technological innovation. Specializing in crafting custom gaming rigs tailored for ready-to-play gaming and education setups, PC Builder is synonymous with performance, quality, and reliability. From day one, they assemble rigs that are not just gaming-ready but also education-ready, catering to the unique needs of enthusiasts in both realms.


Revolutionising eSports and Education:

The union between Paul Roos Gymnasium eSport and PC Builder is built on a collective vision of pushing the boundaries in both eSport and education. In an era where high school eSport gains national and global prominence, our shared commitment is to equip our eSport athletes with top-tier hardware and training resources for peak performance.


Sponsorship Highlights:

Get ready for an upgrade! PC Builder is generously involved in providing 37 cutting-edge PCs for our new hybrid gaming and education classroom. This state-of-the-art facility will empower our eSport athletes to excel not only in the competitive gaming scene but also in their educational pursuits. These rigs, designed for ready-to-play gaming and education, will serve as tools for our athletes to hone their skills, compete in tournaments, and proudly represent Paul Roos Gymnasium eSport.

Save the Date: Parent information evening, 20 January 2024

These gaming rigs will be tested to its full capacity with our eSport trails starting on the 19th of January for Fortnite and the 20th of January for all other titles offered.


  PRG is excited about the launch of the PRG eSport Junior Academy.



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Paul Roos Gymnasium would also like to acknowledge new supporting sponsor Forte Supply Chain Solutions and De Helderbosch Kwikspar for your continued support of PRG eSport.