Rocket League trails season completes on a high

The High School Esports League – Rocket League (RL) – Season 2: 3 vs 3 has completed. The teams performed very well and placed themselves very well to start the HSEL RL – Main League starting next term. Out of the 9 teams 6 teams ended with a positive win rate and 3 teams were unbeaten against other schools.

PRG Team Pool P W L Group (5/group)
PRG – RL A Pool F 5 5 0 1st
PRG – RL B Pool M 5 5 0 1st
PRG – RL C Pool A 5 4 1 2nd
PRG – RL D Pool E 5 4 1 2nd
PRG – RL E Pool D 5 2 3 3rd
PRG – RL F Pool F 5 4 1 2nd (only losing to PRG A)
PRG – RL G Pool G 5 3 2 2nd
PRG – RL H Pool C 5 2 3 3rd
PRG – RL I Pool J 5 2 3 3rd

The Counterstrike Global offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LOL) teams are still busy with their leagues. At this stage the PRG A CS:GO team is also doing well with a clean sheet. The PRG A LOL team is looking very good with only one loss to date. Both B teams with some mixed results.

We have had the newly established PRG Valorant A side competing and performing well against established eSport teams. We are looking forward to seeing them in action this weekend against school sides.

A few players played the FIFA SAPPHIRE EDGE adidas CUP on but did not manage to qualify for the playoffs. Visit so see various game modes and tournaments in the following weeks.