Krieket / Cricket

Krieketfunksie 14 Maart 2023

On 14 March cricket parents and learners came together to find out more about coach Deon Botes’s vision for PRG cricket.

Much focus was placed on the pillars of PRG cricket, its values and the 360 approach the coaching team has in store for its players. The approach includes the opportunity for learners to have their thinking preferences and personality profiles assessed.  The personality profiling done by Monique Barnes and Lelani Cloete, who are both psychologists, aims at empowering players and coaches for optimal performance through raising self-awareness, whilst creating a sense of safety and well-being during their experience.

Plans for the winter programme, upcoming fixtures and the PRG T10 fundraiser were shared. PRG is excited about PRG Cricket’s top-notch performance in the first term, and are rooting for them to continue growing stronger.