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Masithethe grows from strength to strength to strength

The second Masithethe! isiXhosa competition was hosted with great success by Paul Roos Gymnasium on Saturday, 22 April.

Public speakers from schools in Stellenbosch, its surrounds and Cape Town arrived at Paul Roos with great anticipation. It was evident that learners were excited to participate in this one-of-a-kind competition which is focused on promoting isiXhosa.

Learners were well prepared and spirits ran high when the winners were announced in the afternoon. First, second and third place winners walked away with R500, R300 and R200 respectively. All participants received a Masithethe! (Let’s talk) certificate.

ENSafrica’s Jan Viviers played a big role in the origin of Masithethe, acts as its official sponsor and was present to share in the excitement of the day. Language experts at the University of Stellenbosch – Dr Xeketwana and Dr Sidjadu – joined Masithethe! for the second year in a row, to act as special judges during the final round. Teachers from participating schools acted as judges during the first round of the competition.

Ms Christine Canaris (Paul Roos Gymnasium) is the coordinator of the Masithethe! isiXhosa Oratory Competition and acted as MC on the day. Learners from Groote Schuur High School entertained participants with singing and dancing performances, while guitarists from the Paul Roos Senior Band played African-inspired background music on the day as well. The Xhosa-speaking school community of the Western Cape looks forward to seeing Masithethe!  grow from strength to strength.


Home Language Senior:
1st place: Siyasanga Dwayi (I.D. Mkhize High School)
2nd place: Banele Lima (I.D. Mkhize High School)
3rd place: Wandile Baartman (I.D. Mkhize  High School )

Home Language Junior:
1st place: Elethu Faku (I.D. Mkhize High School)
2nd place: Anathi Mxhasa (I.D. Mkhize High School)
3rd place: Sibabalo Mfanta (I.D. Mkhize High School)

First Additional Language Senior:
1st place: Siyolise Qoga (Intsebenziswano High School)
2nd place: Lukho Soga (Intsebenziswano High School)
3rd place: Yongama Sibanda (Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof)
4th place: Lisakhanya Jack (Apex High School)

First Additional Language Junior:
1st place: Inathi Simayile (Apex High School)
2nd place: Ilitha Makehle (Intsebenziswano High School)
3rd place: Siyakwamkela Notoza (Calling Academy)

Second Additional Language Senior:
1st place: Moya Marais (Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof)
2nd place: Erin Heath (Springfield Convent)
3rd place: Mia English (Springfield Convent)
4th place: Phoenix Ruiters (Hoër Meisieskoel Bloemhof)
5th place: Dante George (Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof)

Second Additional Language Junior:
1st place: Isabella Abrahams (St. Cyprian’s High School)
2nd place: Annalien Spies (Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof) – not present in photo
3rd place: Jennifer Roos (Hoër Meisieskool Bloemhof)