Nashua Mobile@School

Nashua Mobile has launched a new partner initiative called Nashua Mobile @School
Together with Paul Roos, Nashua Mobile will gain access to a  community of parents, teachers and potential users that are associated to the school.

Nashua Mobile will pay back a percentage of each user’s monthly spending to the School.  This will be applicable at the time of activation of a new 24-month contract or when existing subscribers renew their contracts for a further 24 months.

The School may use the funds accumulated monthly for economic and social upliftment projects, sponsorship etc.

Nashua Mobile aims to be associated with Schools who have good academic, sports and social programs in place. Through this association the necessary platform is created whereby the school  can generate much needed income and Nashua Mobile can extend its value proposition to the local community.

Business Rules Includes the following;

  • Benefits only apply when new lines are activated after date of launch with the school or at time of the contracts being renewed for a further 24 months
  • Benefits will not be back dated prior to launch or after the new line is activated or renewed
  • Offer only valid on 24 month contracts
  • Benefits apply to any specials offerings and normal pricing structures
  • Subject to Nashua Mobile’s normal credit vetting rules
  • All deals are subject to Nashua Mobiles standard terms and conditions
  • Existing users receiving a benefit in terms of loyalty partners, account discounts would not qualify for the benefits
  • LCR, Telemetry, APN’s and any related Business Solutions services do not qualify

Contact Details
For more info contact Nashua Mobile Stellenbosch on 021 883 8774 or 082 902 8196
Email or