PRG eSport going Global

Photo Credit : Jacques Vermooten. PRG eSport going Global – up-and-coming eSport gamers honing their skills.

Paul Roos Gymnasium is one of the first schools in South Africa that managed to secure sponsorship for eSport. ISB Global, a leading global software company, partnered with PRG eSport along with alphawave and Kwikspar de Helderbosch to back the gamers at Paul Roos Gymnasium on their road to Comic Con 2022. The High Schools eSport League at Comic Con on 22 – 25 September 2022, hosted at the Johannesburg Expo Center is the ultimate pop culture and gaming festival in Africa with over 70 000 attendees.

PRG has been one of the top eSport Schools for the past four years. In 2021, PRG eSport is placed first in League of Legends, second in Rocket League and third in CS:GO. The ISB Global PRG Rocket League team is also the winner of the ACGL Summer and Winter Split 2022.

The High Schools eSport League finals are the ultimate aim for the Paul Roos eSport team, with more than ninety schools participating. This league only accommodates the top 2 teams per game title and to qualify is a major victory on its own. The PRG eSport team has been the winner of this league in the past. This unbeaten winning streak continued into 2022 with the ISB Global PRG A Rocket League team beating more than 30 school teams to date. In preparation for the final, the team has scrimmed with teams from Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town and looking into matches with BRO Clan.

To hone the teams’ skills and further the school’s position as a leading eSport school in South Africa, Paul Roos Gymnasium hosted its inaugural Student Showdown LAN tournament. The ACGL Paul Roos Gymnasium LAN competition took place on 8 and 9 August 2022. All the top gaming schools and universities in the Western Cape were invited such as Rondebosch, Parklands College and more. The tournament offered the opportunity to partner with the African Cyber Gaming League, Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town and more. This top-tier gaming talent acted as a huge inspiration for the boys. PRG’s Rocket League team also won this tournament against the University of Cape Town in the finals.

Results on the road to the High Schools eSport League final include:

Top 16 schools: ISB Global PRG A won 3 – 0 vs Point High School
Quarter-final win:  ISB Global PRG A won 3-1 vs Thomas More College
Semi-final: ISB Global PRG A won 3 – 0 vs Grey College
Finals: ISB Global PRG A will face Grantleigh High School on 22 September 2022.