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PRG Results: Gr. 9 Eskom Expo Young Scientist

Paul Roos young scientists going for gold

The annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists went virtual and online again this year. Twenty of Paul Roos’s Gr.9 learners entered the Western Cape Provincial expo competition with 12 individual projects and 4 group projects. We entered projects over a wide variety of topics, from engineering, to air quality, to bio gas and golf.

The were 134 projects from 21 schools entered. In the Stellenbosch region, 16 projects were awarded gold medals, 26 silver, 48 bronze and 16 a highly commended award. The PRG learners did exceptional and brought back 5 bronze medals, 4 silver medals and 3 gold medals. Charl de Villiers received a special award for best in the category: Earth Sciences for his project on air quality. Preston Schoeman and Nico Jooste also received a special award for best in the category: Engineering for their project on the Hyperloop.

Medal Learner Name Topic
Gold Charl de Villiers Air Quality – Exploring Variations Based on location and time
Gold Preston Schoeman

Nico Jooste

Hyperloop Superspeed Electromagnetic Levitation Vacuum Train
Gold Friedrich Esterhuyse Bou met hout of staal
Silver William Hendry

George Bell

Golf driver: make-up vs performance
Silver Steffan Thielen

Mark du Preez

Hoeveelheid TDS en pH in Stellenbosch boorgatwater
Silver Hughan Crouse Mountain Bike Safety and Rescue Notifier
Silver Louw Smit Die effek van gesigmaskers op ons vel – gefokus op aknee
Bronze Tiaan Serfontein The effect of different acidic concentrations on the germination percentage of Vigna radiata seed
Bronze Krisjan Groenewald Optimale gebruik van batterye wat jou sak en omgewing pas
Bronze Matthew Visser Understanding the efficiencies of coal quality when generating heat
Bronze Aiden de Wet

Christoff Botha

Effek van verskillende musiek genres op kort-termyn geheue van tieners
Bronze Liam Filander Kompostering se ideale toestande

Ten of our projects were selected to represent Western Cape Province at the Virtual/Online International Science Fair (ISF) which will be held from 04 – 08 October, 2021. We would like to congratulate the following boys on achieving this prestigious nomination. One of these bright young men stands a chance to win the much sought-after Deloitte Young Scientist of the Year Award at the prestigious PRG prize-giving.

Charl de Villiers
Daniel Louw Smit
Friedrich Esterhuyse
Hughan Crouse
Liam Filander
Mark du Preez
Nico Jooste
Preston Schoeman
Steffan Thielen
William Hendry