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PRG Societas Madiba Day 2021

PRG Societas encourages all PRG learners to celebrate Madiba this July. Our communities need our help, even more now than in the past. Although COVID-19 might have us (locked) down, we can still impact our communities in a positive way.

How can you help?

OPTION 1: Volunteer your time and earn up to 5 hours towards your Societas badge.

One way in which you can do this is to volunteer at an organisation that helps your community. Since strict COVID-19 protocols apply, phone ahead and ask how you can help. Make sure you know what protocols are in place, and adhere to these. Please keep your community, your family and yourself safe.

Another way in which you can help your community is to encourage your family, friends and neighbours to collect items which you can donate. Need some ideas?

  • In solidarity with recent events in our country, there are many drives that you can contribute to by collecting essential items that can be sent to those affected in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. Click on the following link to find drop-off points:
  • Go through your cupboards and collect pre-loved clothes, blankets and socks that are all still in a good condition. Hand these items in to Mrs Pienaar (Room 38) during your first week back at school, and Societas will donate them to the Stellenbosch Night Shelter.
  • Collect non-perishable food items and hand them in to Mrs Pienaar (Room 38) during your first week back at school, and Societas will donate it to Youth Outreach.
  • You can ask your family and friends to collect stationery and then donate it to an under-resourced school in your community.
  • You can spend time baking something nice (or make some hampers filled with treats) and deliver it to the local police station / fire station / hospital to show your appreciation.
  • You can collect pre-loved toys that are still in good condition and donate them to a pre-primary school or youth organisation in your community.
  • Collect bread tags and hand them in to Mrs Pienaar during our first week back. 100 bread tags will earn you 1 hour towards your Superman badge!

Aim to spend 67 minutes helping your community. Encourage your family and friends to help, too! Feel inspired to do more? Remember, up to 5 hours of your Madiba Month community service can be used towards earning your Superman badge.

Complete this form ( by 30 July. Photos of you and your family in your PRG gear completing your projects can be sent to

If you still want to help, but can’t volunteer your time, why don’t you make use of Option 2?

OPTION 2: Donate R67 and still do good for our community.

Donate R67 using the QR code below, and Societas will use these proceeds towards projects to uplift our community. A portion of these proceeds will be used to support those affected by the unrest in KZN and Gauteng.

Even though this option doesn’t earn you hours, keep an eye on our Societas page and listen out for announcements. These proceeds will aid future projects that can help you to earn Societas hours.