Student showdown LAN tournament

Calling all Western Province High Schools and universities!

Paul Roos Gymnasium and The African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) is excited to announce the STUDENT SHOWDOWN. This will be the biggest eSport tournament yet to be hosted at Paul Roos Gymnasium. This will be an in-person eSport LAN event being held at the Paul Roos Gymnasium Centre on Tuesday the 9th of August, 2022. Doors open at 7:30 for space allocation and set-up (Bring your own device).

The Tournaments start at 10:00 and finals will be broadcasted live for Rocket League at 17:00, CS:GO at 19:00 with others to be confirmed. There will be other fun activities on the day so all learners, students, teachers and families are welcome to join us on the day for fun and competitive eSport.

The four major titles that will be competed for are:

*Rocket League (3v3) – 16 teams (Groups into single elimination bracket)
*Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5) -12 teams (Groups into single elimination bracket)
*Clash Royale (1v1) – 64 players (Double elimination bracket)
**FIFA22 PS4 (1v1) – 64 players (Single elimination bracket)

Each institution is allowed to enter a team for Rocket League and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and up to 4 players for FIFA22 and Clash Royale. There is limited space available so we are accepting those that apply first. If there are still open slots by Wednesday, 3 August we will open up more slots beyond what was previously stated.

Please contact for the entry form or any inquiries.

* Bring your own device
** PS4 consoles will be provided on the day.