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USA Scholarship opportunities for Gr 11’s

USA Scholarship opportunities for Gr 11’s

Dear Grade 11 Students, Parents / Guardians

You are invited to a LIVE presentation with International company IAM360. At the information session you will learn how you can obtain bursaries to further your tertiary studies in the United States of America. Or learn how you can receive a scholarship for your desired sporting / visual arts / graphic design preference, all whilst achieving an international degree of your choice. Or if you are a general student looking for an experience of a lifetime to study abroad! Then this presentation is for you.

See pdf.

Paul Roos Gimnasium brochure

22 September 2022 at 18:30pm
VENUE: Paul Roos Gymnasium

There is a level for every general student or student athlete, so we encourage you all to attend to find out more.

Registration is required – please register on below link

(A reminder that at least one parent / Guardian needs to attend the presentation together with yourself in order to make an application enquiry after the presentation)