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X-Chequer advises PRG’s JSE Investment Challenge competitors

Werner Prinsloo from X-Chequer Fund Management presented his second advisory talk in front of PRG’s 2022 JSE Investment Challenge participants.

He touched on:

  • the impact of inflation, rising interest rates and the fear of a looming recession on the global financial market,
  • the impact of the war and Covid on inflation,
  • stimulus, the Chinese market and its influence on SA,
  • top share performers and the reasons why they’re doing better than others, and
  • consumer stables during worrisome economic times.

Mr Prinsloo also commented on the various PRG teams’ investment choices over the last month. Thank you to X-Chequer Fund Management for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our young traders. Thank you to Mr Luan van der Vyver for making the arrangements.

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