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PRG Band News – May 2022

The PRG Senior band had a spectacular 1st term and has a fresh new line up of musicians.

Performances in the first term included the Valentine’s Day gig where they played in front of approximately 1200 spectators and the PRG Open Day where the band performed two times in the evening.

The band kicked off their second term with a stellar performance at the annual beKoor concert on 20 April 2022.

The band consists of:
Eben Halford (Gr. 11) on guitars
James Jansen (Gr. 11) on guitar and saxophone
Nicholas Arendse (Gr. 12) on drums
Frans Hoffman (Gr. 12) on bass
Phillipe Andro (Gr. 10) on vocals.

Their set consists of some classic jazz and pop tunes and they are currently working on a rock repertoire for future events.