PRG Orkeste / Orchestras

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Manager: Mr. Stephan Bezuidenhout
Mr. Cezarre Strydom

Rehearsal times are Mondays 15:00 – 17:00

The Paul Roos Gymnasium large ensembles consists of the PRG Big Band (wind ensemble) and Stringendo (string orchestra based at Bloemhof).

The PRG Big Band forms the core of Paul Roos’s ambitious musical productions, including collaborations with artists such as Matthew Mole, Coenie de Villiers, Amanda Strydom, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Koos Kombuis. The Big Band regularly enters local Eisteddfods and competitions, as well as participates in band festivals such as the Windworx Fanfare in Durbanville. The ensemble toured Europe as recently as 2017. All Paul Roos learners who play a woodwind or brass instrument are required to play in the PRG Big Band.


Band coach/coordinator: Mr. Raoul Roux:

Rehearsal times: Fridays 14:30 – 17:00

The Paul Roos Gymnasium Senior Band offers talented students a fun and contemporary alternative. It is a  fantastic opportunity for young aspiring musicians to learn from an industry professional with decades of live music experience. ‘Alter Ego’ consists of vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards/synthesizers, bass, drums and trumpet.

With its exciting repertoire of rock, pop, jazz and blues songs, the PRG Senior Band performs year-round at a variety of Paul Roos Gymnasium events – including the annual BeKoor, the Valentine’s Day Market, Old Boys Reunions plus various dinner functions and school occasions such as highlights on the Paul Roos sports’ calendar and various fundraisers initiated by Paul Roos, Club 1000 and the Paul Roos Old Boys Union.

‘Alter Ego’ also participates in local Eisteddfods and band competitions. In 2020 the band made it to the finals at the V&A Waterfront Band Slam and walked away with the 2nd runners-up award. You may also catch them strutting their stuff at a number of external venues including wine farms and private functions. Contact Mr. Roux to book this blistering band for your event.