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USA Scholarship opportunities for Grade 11 & 12 students on 15 August 2023 – Online Webinar 18:00pm

Dear Grade 11 & 12 Students, Parents / Guardians,

USA Scholarship opportunities for Grade 11 & 12 students on 15 August 2023 – Online Webinar 18:00pm.

We have an online LIVE session for all matric students regarding scholarships and bursaries for overseas study. This session will be hosted ONLINE by IAM360 who currently assist 000s of South African students find scholarships and placements to overseas institutions.

There is a level for every general student or student athlete, so we encourage you all to attend to find out more as the purpose is to make studying abroad more affordable for everyone.

Please click here to register to receive your entry link to the webinar:
(There will be no replay as presentations are held live)

This session will be hosted online live at 18:00pm (SA Time) on 15 AUGUST 2023

By the end of the 60-minute LIVE Information session you will know:
• How to receive university bursaries that others do not know exist
• How the USA lets you study the degree of your choice, regardless of subject choices.
• The types of scholarships you may be eligible for
• You will learn about other South African students and athletes currently in the US having the time of their lives

We strongly encourage anyone who is interested in overseas study to attend the LIVE webinar as this is an exclusive event and the scholarships will not be provided again to this Grade level in 2023.
At least one Parent / guardian is required to attend in order for students to explore this opportunity further and qualify for an international scholarship. As the session is hosted online, parents and or guardians can login independently to the pupils.


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